This is the recent re-release of the old (70s?) multi version kit completed as a night fighter Mk II of 23 Sqn RAF
Intentionally tried to do a ‘back to basics’ build of a kit I never did as a kid. I did the Series 2 one back in the day which was basic and thought the magazine builds at the time made this release look the business.
In the harsh light of 2015 it is a basic kit as well, moulds seem to have held up reasonably well though and I had fun building it. Only addition is a bit of Eze Line for the antenna and plastic rod to repair the broken nose array.
Black is Citadel Abadon Black, Tamiya Gloss varnish over the top before decals then Lifecolor Matt Varnish to finish, all by brush. Interior green is Lifecolor, Citadel silvers for the undercarriage etc.
Seems to have gathered dust on the shelf in the past week or so judging by the pics
Not my best effort at a build or photography but hope you enjoy, I had fun and think it looks good on the shelf if you don’t look too close ….


Nice little kit, instructions a bit vague.
Mix of airbrushed Vallejo (white) and Lifecolor (Blues)
Eze line for the aerial wire otherwise its as Revell intended
Base is Eduard airbrushed with Tamiya Gunmetal then citadel washes and metallic dry brushing to dirty things up