Here is my Airfix F-86F from 5+ years ago
The Sabre was built as per instructions other than omitting the underwing tanks and filling the mounting holes as I wanted a clean look. I left canopy loose so it can be posed open or shut.
Silver is Citadel\Games Workshop Chainmail, the gun panels Boltgun Metal with the panel lines and other details picked out in the same companies Gryphonnia Sepia and Badab Black washes
Details and interior are in Lifecolour, decals went on really well with aid of Mr Mark softner which were then sealed with Lifecolour satin clear
All painting was by brush, the base is a picture frame from local 99p store painted with grey\stone Lifecolour, weathered with GW and marked up into squares with a fine Sharpie marker
Only odd thing was the canopy, I had to paint the lower frame a lot wider than the marked frame line to make enough room for the pilot name decal to fit and match pictures I had