1/24 PORSCHE 996 GT3

June 2019

Finished this build of Tamiya Porsche 996 GT3 kit from 2001, a reworking of their standard 996 which was issued in 1998 which usefully still includes the original bumper which I used for a smoother look replacing the chunkier GT3 one. I also omitted the side skirts for same reason.

I’m not a fan of yellow so went for Tamiya TS-44 Brilliant Blue over Tamiya white Fine Surface Primer. After 2 weeks drying the body was finished with 6000/8000/12000 micro mesh cloths (used wet with a hard foam block) and then Autoglym polish to add a bit of shine.

Interior is Tamiya TS satin black, window frames and other black trim finished with Sharpie and Staedtler permenant markers. Indicators and rear light clusters were brushed with Tamiya clear Orange\Red and then had rear reflector area filled in with Molotow chrome pen.

Engine\Chassis details are Vallejo acrylics; number plates are printed onto photopaper with UK number plate font

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